Top graphic design trends you cannot ignore this year

Finally, the year has come when we will take risks in graphic designing. This is the only way your design will stand out this year. The time is limited and there are millions of things trying to distract your audience from your platforms like politics, new shoes, cat, food, and Bitcoin.

It means that the this you did in the past to stand out from the rest will not work this year because customers want new and interesting. Delete all the minimalist graphics and stock photos that you were planning to use. 2018 is the year of riskier GIFs and riskier images. Here we have some of the amazing trends you need to follow this year.

3D is still trending

Last year, 3D graphic designs were introduced in the market and it seems like customers are still under its effects. A study has shown that websites with 3D graphic designs have been attracting more customers as compared to the others. It is a clear sign that 3D is still going to be at the top of the list. However, a new member has been introduced to the 3D family that we all know as 3D typography.

  1. It will help you push creative boundaries because the words will look creative
  2. You will get a chance to impress your audience in different way
  3. Many top brands (Nike) are using this technology.

AR in designing

One of the biggest changes that you will notice in the graphic design trends is the introduction of AR. We all know that AR has been rapidly gaining popularity. There are many individuals who have been using the games and videos that are based on AR. Just imagine if you build a website based on AR technology before your customers, how quickly you will be able to attract more customers. Our younger generation is in love with this technology, which means your loyal customer ranking will increase.

Digital handmade art

With the introduction of special artistic tools, there are many individuals who prefer to work on the handmade art. It seems like in 2018 many companies will be used the technology on their website as well. The handmade website will look perfect. It will give a more personalized effect to the customers. You can have some unique designed created for the website. You can easily personalize your website on your own terms. With the digital handmade art, you will not be bound to the themes anymore. You will get the freedom to create your own theme.

Apart from these, you need to pay attention to the colors and fonts that you will be using on your platform. Instead of making it colorful, pay attention to elegance. Several graphic designing color trends have been introduced in the market, assure to select the one that suits your style perfectly. As well as you should consider adding a little twist to the fonts. Consider making it bold, so it will be more visible and beautiful. The more work you will do on your graphic designs, the better results you will generate.

  • Jun 10, 2018
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