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5 Tips for the selection of your perfect freelancer

Finding a great freelance designer is like the Forrest Gump box of chocolate,  You never know what you're gonna get.It does not have to be that way.

How to choose the right designer

Here are  five tips for selecting a great freelance designer, before you begin your search.

  1. Determine project needs
  2. Determine required skills
  3. Determine budget
  4. Do your research
  5. Interview your shortlist

  1. Determine project need

Before you speak with a designer you should have an idea of your needs. You should be clear on some key points concerning your projects.  You should be able to answer a few basic design questions You should prepare a creative brief. .In your creative brief, include the following:

  • Details about your company: what you do or sell, your culture, and your mission
  • The objective of the project
  • Specific qualifications and skills required
  • The project deadline
  • Any potential obstacles

2.Determine required skills

Once you have your brief ready to go and you have answered all the key questions about your business.  You have to go look for that special designer that englobes every quality you are looking for. When looking for that special someone you have to keep in mind and you have to know what skill set your designer must have to fulfill your needs.  Does your designer have to be skilled in illustration and have talent and knowledge on adobe illustrator. The best way to find out about your designer is to see a portfolio and to ask questions, key questions.

Will you provide photographs or does the designer you pick have to take pictures for the work.  And if you need stock images will you provide the images or do you need the freelancer to help you find the right images.For logo design make sure your freelancer can provide you with a scalable logotype in vector formats so your logo can scale without losing quality.

3,Determine budget

How much can you budget and how much should you budget?  That is the questions everybody asks. Designers will usually negotiate their listed fee for the guarantee of consistent ongoing work.

On the other hand don't cut yourself short.  You get what you pay for, period. A good design and marketing piece will usually perform better than a piece that lacks consistency in the design process.  Remember this is an investment in your business treat it as such. Be flexible in your payment options

4.Do your research

A good way to find that special candidate is to look a their portfolio.  Portfolios are a great way for designer to showcase their work. Use that opportunity to look at the creativity and if  it aligns with your needs.

  • Development of a concept across various media and platforms
  • Optimal formatting of print advertising, video, and web pages
  • Use of the latest web coding protocols and the ability to test a web page across multiple browsers and mobile devices for proper display

Looking at their portfolio will help you understand and appreciate their talents and the way the work or their process.  Attention to details when you are a designer is key. Look if your candidate pays attention to detail in his work. This is key!

As you consider a designer try to choose a freelancer that is a bit ahead of the trends.  It will help you keep your design fresh longer. Also try to find a designer that has experience in your industry.  That way it will be easier for your designer to come up with a design that reaches your target audience more accurately.

5.Interview your shortlist

Once you have your shortlist of designer you are interested in working with,  try to set up meetings either in person or by video chat. Video chat and screen sharing applications can help you communicate more easily with you designer.  Make sure that when you meet the person you have a good understanding of your needs and that you communicate well together. Communication is key.

Also try to discuss with the candidate certains details concerning their design choices for some of the portfolio pieces.  Ask them about their inspiration for some of the work in their portfolio that caught your eyes.

Do you have any further advice for choosing the right designer?

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  • Jun 08, 2018
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